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Jumbo twist popper  57cm     each.Jumbo twist popper 57cm each.
compressed air , twist the base and the colourful paper shapes  (circles and stars) inside shoot out about 5 - 8 metres into the air
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Twist Poppers  10.5cm (pkt 3)   202765Twist Poppers 10.5cm (pkt 3) 202765
spring loaded poppers, no fireworks.  Twist the bottom in the direction of the arrow.
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Poppers   Pkt 20      code 202720Poppers Pkt 20 code 202720
pull the string and the colourful paper ribbons shoot out with a bang
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Silver Sparklers   pkt 8    code: 313115Silver Sparklers pkt 8 code: 313115
light the end and twirl them around in the air.  also great for cakes
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